Saturday, June 11, 2011

Storm (06.08.2011)

The storm finally rolled in after days of heat.
"Its been building for a while now", the old work man says with a squint.
- one system to replace another.

tunneled desires digging in our rank soil
- you can find anything you desire with a click
"At least the power didn't go out - last time I nearly fried my motherboard
and missed out the evening's trending topics."
The heat, seething desire, finally broke open.
- a storm of intensity shaking frustration loose like a stiff rag
- that desire to get out and connect like a cheap clique drives my slowly mined focus
and lost
the digging begins.

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The beach [an homage to Pound's Lygdamus] (06.08.2011)

We all saw you, Lygdamus,
eying the plebeians, regardless of age,
from your smug expression atop the life guard seat,
neglecting your duties,
oblivious to those thrashing bodies becoming stiff with panic.

I, too, must confess:
my gaze did waver
over the ample busts of Venus' daughters
in two tone bikinis and stomachs
Praxiteles spent a lifetime attempting to chisel.

Though Polemarchus was unimpressed
after all he said:
"It is the hidden allure which pulls me",
as he proceeded to wade into the bitter lake with his sandals and heavy formal toga.

Though not at gymnasium, I nonetheless found myself shirtless
with Apollo's envy darkening my skin
- though the foul balm kept it
from becoming the color of contempt.

Lygdamus, who are you to give us the evil eye, as our desires were left covered over in privacy? Though that placid red head, with skin to make any marble cutter weep, which had made herself a sandy couch, tiny lyres up to her ears, was indeed unescorted, but we felt she may have been enjoying her singular solitude among the chaos rivaling the agora.

Because even you, Lygdamus, must agree, no matter what might have transpired, we would have left at some point with desires unfulfilled. We just decided to enjoy the catchable discus and our own company - an isolated coterie among others, just enjoying the heat from Hades' door left open by Persephone's hurried departure.

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Equinox (06.07.2011)

Thus, summer is coming to make up 
as it seems for the late spring;
waves of cold dissipate into naked heat:

The expectations laid at your feet,
bright, warm Equinox, so fully and jealously wrestled us from your equally envious twin!

As all moments, unwrapped
complacency turns your balmy flesh bitter. 
Should expectations be personified? 
That fickle flirt.

Anticipation with no meaningful end;
a drunken lap dance, unfulfilled on both accounts: too sated on one extreme and at the threshold of arousal on the other - not that a complete transaction would somehow be satisfactory, as it would merely displace desire - filling up one hole to expose another.

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Morning (06.06.2011)

Golden morning eye
Peeking around trees slithering by
Iridescent clouds scaling the bright blue sky


Echoing states

The states we ride
The roles we play
Which mode we inhabit
The intensities we loose thought over
The action that still hangs echoing in the mind

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The constraint of becoming which both limits and encourages our transition from this banal state of awareness and predicates the next awareness threshold which is the liminal set that maps itself over the emergent phenomena of moment - the gazes we lay at the alter of pure oblivion - desire running like a vein across the social granite - the root finding its shoot through that dense core...

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Tragic: the lives we pull behind, limp like logs.
Bleary-eyed: the beer eases a tight tongue.
Relax - into substance like a rolling tumult;
a groove cut across our lives.

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