Thursday, May 5, 2011

Always out on the corner - this partially self-imposed/ learned behavior
Surrounded by deafening clamor - the silence of being alone
... but to learn to encompass this silence or at least to wrap it round like a warm blanket, settling the chill... this too is a medium for creation - riding the fervor, but only as observer

But then I saw this world everywhere, opened up across the tree line; moments disjoint and out of the haze figures of struggled lives clumsily coalescing into brief conflagrations. The period uniforms seriously worn though too unworn to suspend belief. Crowds garthered at the flagged rope... and then I pin brief faces as strategic cities on the crowded map: the thin faced, delicate cheek-boned, Chanel knockoffs, shoulder-length black hair, porcelain skin and loop pierced lip - punk chic; or the Northface fleece, camera, Lowe Alpine bag, and a prominate nose which elegantly flows from the brow, and dirty blond hair with a placid mouth; or the red brunette in the flannel dress, lips brilliant red.
- always on the lookout for that silent node to heap all my unrequited expectations

... the smile that follows in a held moment as he leaves the table for two. Her eyes then find elsewhere to focus as the moment fades with her smile.

... and then there are always those which you have engaged but only remember you in a given context...