Saturday, April 9, 2011

Riffing on cheap, diluted "insight" - Tangled thoughts on the first early spring, warm day

Pure intensity zones
The world that lasts alone
Serenity which has lost its home

Empty like twilight
Trees black against blue star light
Cerulean dreams punctuated by cloud night

Despite what it seems
It is never what it means

This semiotic machine
Hole from whence we lost

This liar of hope to transpire
Into a world to inspire
That insatiable desire - to transcend
This semiotic mire

This intensity plateau
We cannot know

From whence we come
Nor the hope we come home
To the god in heaven
Or the satan to end him

"Won't you come with me?"

Lost in a story
Of that which bore me
Into this skin and pain

Which sprouted the growth
Of that never ending hope
Of empty void
Of ending in suns
Of becoming undone
The set of all ascending

Pure intensity zones
That lurking fire
Of angelic desire
That semiotic machine
Put between you and me

I had to clean that table because it was too dirty to use. The places you use, while being used, are cleaner than the rest of the table which is covered by: Beer Beer Beer Dust Dust Dust Beer Beer Beer, a message we all intimate.

Pure intensity zone
Transcendent meme
Without a message to intervene
Between the oneness of being
Pure intensity

Pretty soon our conversations will be indexed by the footnotes we use, and, projected onto our irises, displays of the comments and quotes we choose to transcribe our desires. We will be fully subsumed by the semiotic machine (which we mutually produce), the entering of a singular machine or a production of a stable universe that melds two worlds at the seam where they become pure energy. Stability is a return to the void - to become the seed for the next expansion which will occur at some minimum point of instability. We end this by creation.



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